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National Dairy Month Contest: The winners for this contest were announced and awarded for two classifications.
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Constitution and By Laws of the Ohio Swiss Cheese Association

Nov. 16, 1918


Article I

The name of this Association shall be the Ohio Swiss Cheese Association.

Article II

The purpose of this organization shall be to improve the manufacturing and selling conditions of Swiss Cheese, and to promote its consumption.

First, by fostering a spirit of co-operation to the end that patrons will produce more milk so that each factory can manufacturer more cheese.

Second, by fostering a spirit of co-operation the end that uniform manufacturing conditions may be brought about by procuring a higher quality of milk; by more uniform fermentation and by better curing methods.

Third, by the co-operation to raise the standard of Ohio Swiss Cheese through the above methods and by effective advertising, thus, making the business so profitable that it would be substantial.

Article III

The officers of this association shall be elected from the membership and shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and an Executive Committee shall consists of three members. The officers together with the Executive Committee shall constitute the Board of Directors consisting of six members.

Article IV

Elections. The President, Vie-President , Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected at each reg. annual meeting. The Executive Committee elected at the first meeting shall serve for a period of one, two, and three years respectively and one member shall be elected at each annual election to serve for three years.

Article V

The Ohio Swiss Cheese Association will be affiliated with the Ohio State Dairymen's Association to such an extent that its interest shall be protected. The annual meetings ill be held in connection with each other.


Article I

Any person interested in the production of milk for the manufacturer and sale of Swiss cheese may become a member by payment of the annual dues which shall be one dollar payment in advance. One-fourth of this shall go to the OSDA and shall count as membership fees of that Association.

Article II

One meeting shall be held regularly each year in addition to the annual meeting,scheduled by Board of Directors.

Article III

The Constitution and by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

Article IV

The executive committee shall fix the amount of bond to be given by the treasurer.

Article V

A majority of the board of directors shall constitute aquorum for the transaction of business.

Article VI

The President shall be empowered to call a meeting of the board of directors or a meeting of the members of the association. In either case he shall give ten days notice. In case of absence of the President the Vice-President can call a meeting in similar manner.

Article VII

In case of vacancies occurring in the offices,the Board of Directors shall appoint a member of the Association for the unexpired term of such a vacancy.

Article VIII

At the annual election of officers each member,copartnerships or company shall be entitled to one vote.

Article IX

The Board of Directors is hereby empowered to transact all business and all expenditure of money is there's.