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Ohio Swiss Cheese Association in Sugarcreek, OhioOur History -  
Sugarcreek, Ohio

Swiss cheese was first made in Ohio, by Swiss Immigrants who brought copper kettles with them to America and settled in the vicinity of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Three of these immigrants who arrived in 1833 were, Jacob Steiner, Johannes Zimmerman, and Christian Iseli. The first “factory” for producing Swiss cheese commercially was a shed built in a clearing in a woods in 1850. These early cheese-makers were soon followed by others and the 1860's saw numerous Swiss cheese factories built on farms in Tuscarawas and Holmes counties. Due to the poor road conditions of that time the milk was not hauled long distances, but transported in cans on wagons. The cheese-makers herd and those of several close neighbors were the source of milk for early factories, resulting in many small factories in close proximity to each other.

The formation of the Ohio Swiss Cheese Association was a major factor in establishing and maintaining Ohio as a leading State in the manufacturing of Swiss cheese. In the early 20th century Ohio cheese-makers were finding it difficult to maintain quality and consistency. Economic returns were disappointing and discouraging to both the farmers and the cheese-makers. Unable to solve these problems on their own they turned to The Ohio State University , the State's Land Grant University, for help. A group of cheese-makers led by, Fred Schneiter, also traveled to Washington D.C. To seek the help of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Both groups agreed to help. It was at a meeting in SugarcreAward winning Swiss Cheeseek in 1918 that representatives from OSU and USDA suggested to the farmers and cheese-makers work together in an association; that uniformly high quality cheese can be made if the cheese-makers use good quality raw milk and pure cultures of the right bacteria; and that more cheese can be sold at a better price if factories combined their sales efforts so more quality cheese can be offered at one time to attract buyers.

The first year only two factories joined the Association, the Sugarcreek Dairy, and the Trail Cheese Company. Later, with the help of OSU and USDA those two companies found that by using modern cultures and strict grading they were able to sell their cheese for 36 cents a pound rather than 23 cents. The first car load of Swiss cheese ever sent from Ohio to New York City was shipped in September 1921. By 1940 the Association had grown to 27 members.

Over the years the association represented the interest of the Swiss cheese manufacturers in matters involving state and federAward winning Swiss Cheeseal regulatory agencies with respect to various things, such as; milk quality regulations, cheese standards, design and construction of waste disposal systems, and cheese imports. The Association also aided the industry in the dealing with the disposal of whey.

Since its beginning the Association has actively engaged in promoting the manufacture and sale of outstanding quality Swiss cheese. Cheese quality contests conducted by the OSCA at county fairs, and the Ohio State Fair have a long history. The Association, has also been a major participant in the annual Ohio Swiss Festival since its beginning in 1953, when four cheese-makers, four businessmen , and four village officials organized the first festival to promote Sugarcreek, as the center of the Swiss cheese industry in Ohio.

For over 90 years the Ohio Swiss Cheese Association has been of remarkable assistance to the cheese-makers and farmers, working together to solve problems and promote the interests of the Swiss Cheese Industry of Ohio.